I climb rocks with a guitar, a fellow named Coelho says something that seems obvious but might not be, I give invaluable dating advice, we discuss evidence for living in a simulation, and the place with a urinal bolted to the outside brick walls gets fancy with it’s coffee mugs.

Somebody said…

You don’t need to climb a mountain to know that it’s high.

Paulo Cohelo, “Aleph”

Learn from me…

Don’t trust people who only take pictures at a downward angle or peeking out from behind trees.

Fun fact…

The “Mandela effect” is the name for a situation in which a large number of people believe an event occurred that actually didn’t happen. It got the name because a number of people claimed to have watched Nelson Mandela’s funeral on tv in the 1980’s after he died in prison.

In truth, Mandela got out of prison and lived until 2013.

Here is a website of some common Mandela effect occurrences…


There are a bunch I misremember, but the one that really surprised me was the correct spelling for the cookies I ate by the sleeve – Double Stuf Oreos. See it?

Look again! Twice the stuffing in the cookies, yet only one “f” in the name!

This made me laugh…

The coffee mugs at this Colombian restaurant say “Italy” on them.

Sidebar – their homemade ice cream is the bomb (yes, the bomb. Bringing it back).


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