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Worth his weight in “cerda” Raindrops tapped gently on my improvised cocoon. Inside I held the sides of the double-wide hammock together with one arm, giving no concern. The skies...
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Mountain music Through the glass I observed the focus. Dripping delicious tones, the Headrush amp & pedal combined with a Fender Jaguar to release something…something that felt...
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The Regal “Chivas” Dripping with bling only Xzibit could love, and loaded to within an inch of collapse with passengers, produce, dry goods – and occasionally livestock –...
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Amen. “Carne, por favor. Mucho carne” I stealthily approach from the west, hugging storefronts to stay in the shadows, keeping a wary eye out for the guy who offered my ayahuasca...
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Ever drive a Valentine’s Day present to Oklahoma? Young Love in a Small Town Freshly-showered, he sits casually askew in a chair drug into the open storefront. Half-in, half-out,...
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I wear the uniform of freedom and sing an original song about a shady purchase at a Circle K, a shy fella shares his thoughts on anyone who has a problem with that, wisdom from a trailer...
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