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simple...not easy?
“I just can’t imagine working a nine to five. It seems so draining. All I want is to sit around a campfire each night with good friends and play my music. Just simple is...
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Today we discuss the beautiful tragedy of life itself, a miracle so incomprehensibly, unfathomably overwhelming that it must, ironically, be ignored to be appreciated. It begins, then...
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#18 Ozark Wedding
*were it more convenient, my scrawl would be manual. This typeface, this format…I find it anti-septic yet inclusive. These words stand to be judged, like bodybuilders in a line, all...
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#17 The Farm Sale
The last rap of the gavel did not echo. What bidders remained were few and stingy, silently colluding scrappers and junk iron haunts mostly, the occasional local Romeo in search of...
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#16 Shut up & win
Steel your mind. Disassociate. Observe your emotions instead of living them. It doesn’t sound like living, does it? It did not to me. I avoided it like a four year-old confronted...
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#15 - What does it mean that i love this coffee?
Front Range Coffee – located in Kansas City (or one of it’s “boroughs” or whatever, it’s all the same). That’s the setting, a corner coffee store...
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