The Kingdom

Who am I today?

Which role do I play?

Hero or villain?

Sinner or saint?

Will I rise & be counted

or fall in a faint?

It is my day

My smile, my sun

I am the Only One

Who will save me.

I am The Overcomer,

The one who falls down

Skinned knees but believes

One day, I’ll wear the crown

Not over you

I seek not to rule

My kingdom, by design,

Is smaller than your kitchen

The borders are my mind.

One day I’ll stand before me

and calmy hold domain

over every wanton impulse

and every wince of pain.

No, I’ll not avoid it

or seek shelter in the ease

that comes from life

lived in the shade

cast by giants who succeed.

My brim is low

to shield my eyes

from that which would

keep me from my prize

I am Angel

I am Demon

and no longer I pretend

that the best is yet to come

I make it so.