Kindness & the Law of Increasing Marginal Returns

I have no original ideas.
No inventions.
Discovery is my domain.
I seek to find what others have already.
And use it to better myself, and anyone who will listen.
I don’t know when my journey began.
Maybe the time I walked off-stage and went home instead of out to party.
Perhaps an injury that alerted me to my fragility, and thus began an internal discussion of my own mortality.
It could have been inspired by jealousy, and wanting.
No matter, I am here.
And this is my discovery.

Participating in kindness — both giving and receiving, is the only investment with guaranteed returns.

I say “kindness”, and you hear “help an old lady across the street”.

Or perhaps you think “I give to charity already”.

Kindness, I think, is often unintentional.
Often not recognized in the moment.

I won’t wax on?— brevity is my nemesis.

I am the happiest, healthiest, and wealthiest version of myself I have ever known.


Everything I am

I owe

to kindness.

I have been poor

And I have had nothing

In my most desperate days

I was poor

Surrounded by abundance

In my most joyful moments

I had nothing

The difference?

In desperate poorness, I wanted everything.

In joyful nothingness, I had it all.

Because I had given away

All that I ever wanted.

Each time i fought

I lost

Regardless of the outcome

While surrender

Has never failed

To leave me Victorious

Where once

I battled

To be the best


My only goal

Is “better”.

Not “Better than”



And now I know.

I didn’t then.

It was your kindness.

You did that.


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