Yet another half-headless performance, a lesson on how to catapult a percussionist, a few words on some large old structures that seem to be everywhere, and we learn about how evolution failed a certain subset of livestock.

Somebody said…

“The soul becomes dyed with the color of it’s thoughts”

Marcus Aurelius

Learn from me…

On the way to a gig, while driving the old Eagle tour bus we called “The Red Dragon”, I accidentally dropped my phone, which fell all the way down by the door.

Instead of calling one of the guys for help, I just got up, kept a hand on the wheel, picked up the phone, and dropped back into the seat, stomping my foot down on the accelerator. Except I missed and hit the brake.

It just so happened that Tyler, our drummer, was taking a leak at the time. For standers and pointers, that meant you’d be facing the back of the bus.

When I accidentally popped the chute on that beast and locked up the air brakes, Tyler went flying – backwards, still peeing, launched through the air and landing in the sink.

Moral of the story: go hands-free.

(when driving, not peeing).

Fun Fact

Everybody knows about the Great Pyramids in Egypt. Did you know there are pyramids on every habitable continent?

In fact, the largest known pyramid is in North America – The Great Pyramid of Cholula, in Cholula, Mexico. There are even some in the United States!

Despite being on difference continents, many are built in a similar manner and oriented in the same direction.

Wanna check out more? Here ya go –

This made me laugh…

Toby (my only friend and the local dog I bribe with meat) scared the life out of a goat.


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