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Booking for Lucas Maddy & The Jagged Edge

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Contact for booking and potential show dates – bring Lucas Maddy & The Jagged Edge to your venue, festival, celebration, ho-down, fraternity house…sorority house…orpheum…amphitheater….

Email M. Lane for information
[email protected]


Things look good…

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My dreams used to be much different. I was planning to be

a switch-hitting third baseman for the Royals. I was going to

hit 50 homeruns each year and my contract was going to be a

credit card from the Royals, and they were just going to pay for

everything forever. I didn’t want to have money, just have what I needed.


June 26th I’ll open for Mike McClure at Woody’s in Lenexa.

That’s another dream. It’s a better one now. Well, almost.

Baseball is awesome.


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found that poem, on a burnt CD from Moore Hall freshman year. Back when thumbdrives were worth their Gigs in gold.

Goodbye – L.G. Maddy

He walks up to the casket, and can’t believe she’s dead
the locks of grey he brushed are piled atop her head.
The hands that told a story, and wrapped a Christmas gift
are wrinkled, curled, and bony, a ring still on the left.
The ears that always listened, seem cold and hard and frail…
but he sits right down beside her, to tell another tale.

and he says…

“I remember that you told me you’d love me with your heart,
in good times and in bad, until death did us part.
You’ve never broke that promise, we married at twenty-two..
now sixty years behind us since we both said ‘I do’.
This day has been a hard one, and I must tell you know
that since the time you passed on I’ve broken my wedding vow.
‘Until death do us part’…I know that I agreed,
but I’m a mortal man, and I have many needs.
And I have my suspicions, you might have broke yours too…
at night I dream of visions…of Heaven, me, and you.
There’s no need for alarm, I’ve loved with every breath.
The Love begun in this Life, won’t even end in Death.”

I’ll beg Traffas not to comment on the obvious grammatical errors. They are intentional, and good to end a sentence with.

Dangle that modifier.

Bein’ Corny and Thinkin’

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Back in Norton. Prepping an 8-row and the John Deere 4440 for a few hundred acres of niblet-planting.

Farming is intimidating. Dad wasn’t a great student in school, and to my knowledge was truly never mechanically inclined. But the way he looks at a problem can be refreshing.

His internal cause-and-effect’er is far better than mine. My sense of danger is catastrophically misplaced – I jump when the torch pops back at me…dad has eternal faith in cheap brass check valves. The gas/fuel mix was off on the torch, so it would light, and then “POP!!” out immediately. Paint on the toolbar was already burning when the happened, so Dad used it to re-light the torch instead of pulling out the sparker.

Again…and again…and again….it sounded like automatic weapons fire. Re-lighting 4-5 times per second until he finally got the metal as cherry as he needed it.

I sought cover. Dad delighted in the fact that he could be entertained and productive at the same time.

Been playing music lately. The response to the EP, which went up on iTunes 2 weeks ago, has been great. Some radio play in Wichita and KC, a forthcoming “half-hour with Maddy” on the hometown radio station…maybe some spins in Manhattan and Hays soon as well.

Got a cliche’ shirt last weekend when I played at Woody’s in Lenexa. Black with white letters…

it’s not just music
it’s a lifestyle.

Not a fan of cliche’s, but I love that shirt. I love it.

I remember standing in the living room of the little 2-bedroom house I grew up in, watching as people celebrated the fall of the Berlin wall. I didn’t know the significance.

I remember dropping off Dad’s ’92 GMC took get a new muffler put on the morning of September 11, 2001. As I walked in to talk with the mechanic, he asked me if I’d heard about a plane hitting a building in New York. Terrorism, to someone from Northwest, KS…it’s even less of a threat than communism. I know now how significant that moment was.

And I remember the first time I heard Mike McClure’s voice. Driving towards Oberlin, KS on Highway 36. Moving west. The Great Divide – Let’s Get Out of Here Tonight. Been singing it ever since.

I talked recently with someone about songwriting. For a long time, I wrote poems. Poems that weren’t very good, and I did it to pass the time. I wrote them on seed salesmen’s booklets and the inside of tractor windows back when we used to till this land for days and weeks. You can only listen to the same songs so many times. Smashmouth’s “Allstar” and Lee Ann Womack’s “I Hope You Dance” drove me to thinking.

I thought all over paper. Trite rhymes, predictable patterns, hokey hokey pokey corny crap.

Not long after I heard some Great Divide I started to understand that it was ok for songwriting to be whatever you felt, not whatever you wanted someone else to feel. “But I Do”…”Wildflower”….”Billy Covington”….

I wrote my first good lyrics that summer. I’ll try to find them and post them here soon, but I think it was called “Goodbye”. It was told from a first-person perspective, an old man at his wife’s funeral. He’s at the casket, apologizing that in just the short time since she’s passed he’s broken his wedding vows…remember the vows say “til death do us Part”..

His apology is that he’s never stopped loving her, and suspects she’s broken her vow too, so they can talk that one over when they meet again.

It was beautiful, simple, sad.

Elegant like white-wash, not like pearls. Someone was dead. And I learned – it’s ok to write songs about people dying, because they do.

The Constitution…

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I’ll put it up later, but within the constitution is a clause that prohibits any member of the state (senator, president, judge) from accepting any title of nobility, etc from a king…sha-man…witch docter…scientologist…

It somewhat gladdens me to know that competing countries that will benefit from our subsequent downfall will have to wait until after Obama’s term to crown him a living god.

However, I am disappointed that my senators can’t be knighted.

Minute Midnight Revelation

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I can still drink.
I can still hold my booze.
Not too old to play the game, just too old to lose.

No battles won…no battles lost.
What I don’t know scares me
What I do turns me off.

More new videos up on the YouTube channel!

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We had a great time playing Bobby T’s in Manhattan, KS on Oct. 24. One of the best crowds they’ve had for live music in ages showed up and helped us mold a great night. Thanks to Aaron Traffas of Chivalrous Productions, we sounded like champs and also got some HD video to share. Newly uploaded videos can be viewed at Rate, subscribe, let us know what you think!

New videos up

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It’s a calm day in Manhattan. The deluge of the week is past, and Wildcat fans the world around are a-twitter as the spring game is going on right now. A special hello to my brother Christopher, who is on the sidelines right now as a temporary student manager. Atta boy.

“See Lonely” and “Fat Julie” are now up on YouTube. Check em out – they were recorded with a Flip video camera, and came out fair. I could have done with a shave prior to recording, but didn’t feel it was worth the time :)

After some encouraging phone calls recently, I’m giving thought to trying my hand in Nashville, let me know what you think. Go Royals.


From the couch of Traffas…on a Thursdee.

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If there is anything that can be appreciated in my life, it is that I will never lose the desire to watch a movie after everyone else has gone to bed. With “Clerks II” simultaneously assaulting my sensibilities and challenging my vocabulary at the same time, there is no doubt that I have reached a rarely found level of bliss. Nothing as monumental as love, but also nothing as simplistic as an ice cream cone on a windless summer day. Stimulating.

I feel lyrics coming on again, needing to get to some Dale Jessup (great cowboy name) has written, and also have an insatiable desire to simply hold a guitar. I can’t go on…there is an Ibanez within reach…I leave you with the beginnings of what I hope will be my next finished lyrical project.

It Is What It Is by Lucas Maddy

She cut me like a hotel razor, burned me like a bummed cigarette, hung my heart on a wire hanger, walked away with no regret. I still live…it is what it is. Don’t forget, just forgive…I still live.

lyrics copyright Lucas Maddy, 2010.


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There are precious few ways to pass the time in Norton, Kansas when harvest or planting or working cattle are not eminent. I chose to read or assault the farm cats and dogs with a pawn shop guitar and amp. Gossip is mostly the sport of choice, a drug with addictive properties that rival any amphetamine. Scandalous affairs are public knowledge, impending sale of farmland is always a hot topic – deep pockets can often be unaware of the deal until a coffee conversation points them in the direction of their next write-off. Dreams seem not to be at any forefront. Rarely, if ever, have I witnessed a sage old man, staring wistfully into the middle distance and wont to expel his youthful conquests with a twinkle in his eye. Just as seldom are those moments of self-realization where Farmer Old Tyme suddenly comes to grip with his rapidly approaching day of judgement and makes the wrongs right, brings the hurt and happiness to the surface to ┬ámourn or celebrate.

No, mostly people stay the same as they were…they just eat less doing it, as the small town becomes an island of their claim, and they go about knowing everything they can about that island. These are the spies of their tiny domain, who do their best to recollect every fact. And either they do it with amazing accuracy, or else their audience is so afraid to challenge for fear of being challenged themselves, that seldom is any thought a wrong one. The conversation just rolls on. I guess this is what the world was like before texting.