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Your FREE Shutdown Ritual Review! A guide to use the last two hours of your day to get ahead of the game. 

Custom design your evening by applying cutting-edge neuroscience combined with practical, timeless techniques.

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Benefits of getting your night “right”!!!

Better Nights

Use advanced techniques proven by leading researchers to productively wind down your evenings.

Better Mornings

Wake up feeling like you’ve already started the day – no need to run around like crazy when you’re halfway there already!

Better Days

Noticeable increases in afternoon willpower, energy and focus. Moving consistently closer and closer to your goals!

What do you get?!

  • Rules of Rest: neuroscience-backed non-negotiables.
  • Thoughtful suggestions on creating your best night.
  • Simple – no Ph.D. required!

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What clients say…

We developed a framework for creating and maintaining a home space. It’s functional, beautiful, and expresses who I am as an individual. I feel at home in my home now! Give Lucas a shot – he has a gift!

Grant R
My career is fast-paced and filled with stress. I like it that way, but I wanted something different for myself. Lucas listened to my needs and gave me the confidence to use my “me time” to grow my wants into realities.

Rachel D
(business owner)
Lucas helped me discover meaning in my everyday. We developed a system custom to my goals, and I’ve now achieved my life-long dream: I’m a commercial pilot!
(disclaimer: Lucas is my brother!)

Christopher M

A word from your coach

You want better?

Get a coach. 

That’s the “secret”. 

Simple – get someone on your side, who cares about you!

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