Rain in NW KS…to be celebrated.

I sit at a purring laptop, yearning to spill more than what can be sopped up in just one sitting. So, I’ll contain, and limit to the recap of affecting events as of late.

First off, Rhett Miller. Honestly, I had rarely listened before when it was playing as Traffas and I rode to a show in a purring Cummins. Use of purring, now three times in so short of a span? Called for, I say. Undoubtedly.

It was Singular Girl that spun round my head for a nickel’s play yesterday as I drove back from Wichita. Beyond simple melodic pleasing, it has a certain tinge of dork to it that must be appreciated. “You’re like plate techtonics” is not what draws me…Rhett avoids an obvious “sonic” rhyme and burrows around the nerd alert, refusing to oblige the beg for resolution.

This is not new, nor resurfacing in response to an artist being convicted, murdered, or entering “Dancing With the Stars”. Rather, it’s just time to pay attention.

For those of you who traipse here for the music to be disappointed by a blog, here is an update – Tim Sprigg, Katelyn Autry and I are in Norton, practicing on a regular basis, and booking some shows acoustic and full band, to be joined by the rhythm section of Trent Boehner and Tommie Lebanon. New writing is an occupational hazard, a shiny bright lyric begging to be recorded when in fact Bad Little Man, Power of a Song, Last of Your Kind, and Every Man’s a Cowboy, just to nameĀ a few, continue to sit patiently in line. In an effort to stir up some reaction, I’d like to hear from you what songs you may like to have recorded and put up. In fact, the first three people that subscribe to this blog (I think you can subscribe to the blog, if not, just steal your neighbor’s copy off his front step. He’ll get another one…he’s rich) will be sent all future copies of fresh cuts for preview and response.

I like response, especially from non-writers. Why? Well, if you own a restaurant, shouldn’t you ask the customers what to do better rather than the chef and the waitstaff? Amen.

I’m heading back into the rain. Time to post a letter and dive back into Lonesome Dove. The book this time.

Can’t wait to be seeing you at some upcoming shows. Check the gig calendar for one in your hemisphere of influence.


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