Night Routine for Productive, Restful Sleep

What follows is not advice. I do not speculate, I experiment.

Each of the things listed is something I currently do to maximize one or more of three areas: Health, Happiness, Wealth.

This document will change?—?nothing is an original idea, and the utmost effort will be made to link any source document or credit the inspiration.

I will give but one piece of advice on how to achieve great results:


Yeah, I know – bummer. I wanted the hacks, the shortcuts, the quick fixes too.

Spoiler Alert: they don’t work. Hack your mind by teaching it to enjoy the struggle that leads to improvement.

Let’s dig in.

*assumes 10pm bedtime, 5 am wake-up

8–10 pm: no more screens for the rest of the night (tv/phone)

8 pm: prepare tomorrow morning breakfast/drink/supplements.

8:15 pm: lay out tomorrow outfit(s)

8:30 pm: yoga/stretching (30–60 min)

9 pm: shower

9:15 -10 pm: read & journal

Sleep routine. By 8 pm, I can usually tell you how tomorrow will go. I’ve given you the big chunks, now lets dig in.

  1. Lay out clothes for tomorrow: I literally lay them out, face-down, in the order I will put them on. Socks are individually laying in the shoes.
  2. Prepare breakfast for tomorrow: I typically make overnight oats, set out a piece of fruit, lay out supplements (Omega 3’s & creatine), mix morning drink (Athletic Greens) and put it in the fridge.
  3. Yoga/stretching: I found myself at a crossroads of wanting to be led through a practice of either hatha yoga or a slow flowwhile NOT wanting to fire up a screen again. Solution? I listen. Doing so allows greater focus on me, and separates the wheat from the chaff when it comes to yogi’s giving good verbal cues. My favorites at the moment: Yoga with Adrienne & Fightmaster Yoga (RIP Leslie Fightmaster)
  4. Shower at night. First?—?it’s relaxing. Second, you’re about to lay down for 7–8 hours. Really want to do that in your own filth?
  5. Read: at this time of night, your brain is DONE. Do not read to learn, this is a good time to read for entertainment. Me? I’m a dude, and always will be. I’m a big brother, born into the hero generation, grew up on a farm with guns, trucks, and a mentality of winning. I like dude trash books, like the Jack Reacher series, Tom Clancy novels (and those published posthumously?—?still good) etc. If there’s a guy (or girl, I don’t discriminate) fighting against all odds to right a wrong, I’m in. Bonus points if they get technical and make the fiction feel real!
  6. Wear red blocker glasses. I’ve been on these for about 2 months now, and they truly do help. Not great for reading, unfortunately…so maybe a book on tape?
  7. Review tomorrow’s schedule: I just ask google. “What’s on tomorrow’s schedule?” Knowing is always better than not, even if it’s something you want to avoid.
  8. Laying in bed is for sleeping, NOT for: catching up on episodes of Yellowstone, eating, talking on the phone, scrolling, reading etc. Your phone/ipad/computer are not welcome. Live in a studio? You’ll just have to try harder. Read in a chair. Walk around outside to talk on the phone.
  9. Wake at 5 am. My alarm is set for 4:21 am. Do I get out of bed at that time every day? Nope.

I aim for 7 hours of sleep/night. It wasn’t always like this. Decades of going to bed around midnight or later, tossing and turning until 3–4 am, watching what feels like every shitty action movie in history to fall asleep. At least once a month I would pull an all-nighter, typically accompanied by chinese food or pizza. Now?

I don’t sleep like a baby…but I do sleep. I’m rested when I wake. When I get into bed, b/c I’ve trained my body that bed is for sleeping, I get drowsy.

Cites for these ideas: Andrew Huberman, Robin Sharma, Tom Bilyeau, James Clear.

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