found that poem, on a burnt CD from Moore Hall freshman year. Back when thumbdrives were worth their Gigs in gold.

Goodbye – L.G. Maddy

He walks up to the casket, and can’t believe she’s dead
the locks of grey he brushed are piled atop her head.
The hands that told a story, and wrapped a Christmas gift
are wrinkled, curled, and bony, a ring still on the left.
The ears that always listened, seem cold and hard and frail…
but he sits right down beside her, to tell another tale.

and he says…

“I remember that you told me you’d love me with your heart,
in good times and in bad, until death did us part.
You’ve never broke that promise, we married at twenty-two..
now sixty years behind us since we both said ‘I do’.
This day has been a hard one, and I must tell you know
that since the time you passed on I’ve broken my wedding vow.
‘Until death do us part’…I know that I agreed,
but I’m a mortal man, and I have many needs.
And I have my suspicions, you might have broke yours too…
at night I dream of visions…of Heaven, me, and you.
There’s no need for alarm, I’ve loved with every breath.
The Love begun in this Life, won’t even end in Death.”

I’ll beg Traffas not to comment on the obvious grammatical errors. They are intentional, and good to end a sentence with.

Dangle that modifier.

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