From the couch of Traffas…on a Thursdee.

If there is anything that can be appreciated in my life, it is that I will never lose the desire to watch a movie after everyone else has gone to bed. With “Clerks II” simultaneously assaulting my sensibilities and challenging my vocabulary at the same time, there is no doubt that I have reached a rarely found level of bliss. Nothing as monumental as love, but also nothing as simplistic as an ice cream cone on a windless summer day. Stimulating.

I feel lyrics coming on again, needing to get to some Dale Jessup (great cowboy name) has written, and also have an insatiable desire to simply hold a guitar. I can’t go on…there is an Ibanez within reach…I leave you with the beginnings of what I hope will be my next finished lyrical project.

It Is What It Is by Lucas Maddy

She cut me like a hotel razor, burned me like a bummed cigarette, hung my heart on a wire hanger, walked away with no regret. I still live…it is what it is. Don’t forget, just forgive…I still live.

lyrics copyright Lucas Maddy, 2010.

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