dost I blog?

there is a bar is some city where a girl is standing with a drink in her hand. She’s got dangly earrings on that she thought looked sassy when she put them on but once she got to the bar with them on and her mascara she just feels overdressed and out of place. then she looks at the drink b/c all of a sudden she thought “it’s 9 pm and I have lots of work to do tomorrow and what good is this going to do me right now I don’t get it all of sudden” she’s getting ready to put it down and this guy walks up with his suit still on, and he’s good looking and his suit is an even blacker black than she thought it could be and he just looks fresh and nice and his eyes twinkled and he smells like he just took a shower, even though the loosened tie makes it clear he just came from work and she thinks “I worked until 6 and then came home and watched tv for a little bit before I changed and drove here and it took 30 minutes to find a place to park and he’s got to get up for work too but he’s getting here right as I’m leaving and looking fresh…what the hell” now she’s just pissed and she left and walked home.

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