Beware the Ideas of March

…because they may include a hand grenade.

Hardy few readers that you are, I must apologize for my gross absence over the last…well, it’s been a long time. But thankfully, I am back in the saddle and shall be posting irregularly for the unforseeable future.

Just returned from a great show at Pat’s Blue Rib’n in Manhattan, KS this weekend. Tim Sprigg, Katelyn Autry, and myself have thrown our musical talents in a barrel lately and were finally able to come together and express them for a raucous and appreciative Friday evening crowd. Do yourself a favor and check out Katelyn and Tim anywhere you can – I’m not sure where to send you (youtube for starters…which is always an awful representation of an artist) but try all the same. Be a go-getter, self-starter, do-it-yourself’er…that’s what we need more of in this country.

We will be back to Pat’s on March 19th, then America’s Pub in Wichita on the 27th. Look to see more acoustic shows sprinkled in the mix. It’s been a few years since I did that regularly, and we’re going to get a good local crowd back…locally…wherever that may be.

Not into the novel tonight, but we’ll catch you on the flipside.

oh yeah – Texas shows are in the future. Why? Pretty girls down that way I hear.

later, Lucas

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